Web copy and information architectures

There's more to writing for the web than keeping it brief and using lots of links. The copy must scan smoothly, drive home the messages and support SEO goals. It also needs to fall together into a maintainable framework you can leverage well into the future.

A well-conceived web information architecture doesn't happen by accident. It takes talent, experience and specialized knowledge.

My background
I hold a Masters of Science in Information Science with a concentration in knowledge architectures from the University of Pittsburgh — one of the top-rated programs in the field worldwide. We worked ahead of the technology to lay the foundation of research and best practices embodied in the most usable online information systems out there today.

My experience
In addition to writing countless pages of web copy, I've designed the information architectures for a number of my clients' websites. Please see my portfolio for some recent examples.

Writing web copy is one of the things I do best and enjoy most. Let me help you create a website that meets your marketing goals and exceeds your expectations.


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