Bylined magazine articles

Bylined articles are a highly effective and cost-efficient way to educate prospects about your products and services, while positioning your organization as a thought leader at the same time.

A well-written bylined article can have more impact than a print ad because:

  • It has greater credibility
  • It offers more value for the reader

Yet the cost of placing a professionally written bylined article can be a fraction of the cost of placing a print ad. You can leverage it further by making reprints and linking to it from your website.

Even more compelling, a customer can take authorship of a bylined article that describes their success with your product.

As a veteran writer with wide experience in multiple industries, I can quickly deliver a clear, compelling bylined article that promotes without being promotional.

Please visit my portfolio to view a few of the many articles I've written. My clients page includes a partial list of my magazine credits.


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